Is Michelle the Real Change this Administration Needs?

Canary in the Mine: Michelle Obama

In Chapter Five of The Canary’s look at Obama’s origins, family and past, we looked at his relationship with his wife, Michelle. Now that midterm elections have occurred, we want to look at this relationship in light of the American people’s growing frustration with President Obama.

What role does Michelle play in sculpting Obama’s image? Is Obama unpopular because of her influence, or in spite of it?

Michelle is probably more outspoken than her husband. On the campaign trail, Michelle got in trouble for saying that as she saw the support the public was giving her husband, she “for the first time in her life was proud of the country.”

From then on, it appears that those around Obama have tried to downplay her influence and keep her from making controversial statements to the press. While it is obvious that Obama cares a great deal about what she thinks, is it wise to keep a lid on her opinions and strong principles?

Obama’s obsession with crafting a perfect image has left him perceived as weak, indecisive and a bit of a pushover as a politician – does he need to embrace his wife’s attitude to pick up his approval ratings and actually get anything done?

Is it possible that Obama would appear more decisive if he followed his wife’s approach of standing up for strong principles?

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