Why Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress Matters

Canary in the Mine: Netanyahu

While Democrats may feel blindsided by the arrangement, Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, planned secretly by Republicans, huge implications for American Jewry:  U.S. Jews, who have historically favored Democrats over Republicans, will not only be able to see where the Democratic Party really stands in regard to Israel but, by extension, toward Jewry in general.

Like their brethren on the left in Europe, those Democrats who will boycott Netanyahu’s speech have been looking for some time for an opportunity to “break out” of their relationship with U.S. Jewry and Israel. Netanyahu’s speech offers an ideal excuse to, finally, follow the left’s ideological mantra also in this area of policy.

With Barack Hussein Obama as President, we have a 20-year follower of the antisemitic Reverend Wright sitting in the White House. The equally-radical Reverend Al Sharpton is his “close friend” and confidant that has free access to the White House, allegedly having made close to 80 visits.

American Jews not only have good reasons to worry about Israel’s security relationship with the U.S. but also about their own influence on the county’s political system. Netanyahu’s speech, therefore, matters.

This is why Netanyahu has to keep his appointment with Congress!

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