Obama and the Marks of a Sociopath, Part Two

Canary in the Mine: Obama

An unusual lack of empathy, egocentricity and a lack of remorse or shame has become a recurrent theme and pattern of behavior of the +Barack Obama, something that has even started to worry his staff at the White House. Even more remarkably, the over the last six plus years, the overwhelmingly friendly national press core to the President has finally taken notice of it.

When the decapitation of U.S. journalist James Foley by “The Caliphate” was shown all over the world on video, a media storm arose after Obama, straight from a statement to the nation in which he decried the excruciating cruelty of the occurrence, went to the golf course, where he was photographed, seemingly unperturbed by world events, laughing and frolicking around with a former Miami Heat NBA player.

The juxtaposition of Foley’s family and the nation grieving with the President “having a good time,” was even too much for many Democratic party pundits.

Obama’s ability to manipulate, another typical psychopathic behavior pattern, has also contributed to his success as a politician, despite his flaws. Recognizing who Obama really is, his manipulation abilities really come into clear focus.

Let us start with the man who rose to prominence as one of the best keynote speakers in a generation at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. His speech was riveting and instantly made him a top choice for the party’s potential future presidential candidates.

Content and rhetorical delivery of his speeches have been equally brilliant, building on universally acceptable themes: Statements like “there is no liberal or conservative America, – there is only the United States of America” and “there is not a black America and a white America and a Latin America and Asian America – there’s only the United States of America,” featured prominently in his 2008 presidential campaign.

Yet, once he did reach the presidency, this same person revealed himself as one of the most divisive president in U.S. history, pitting not only Democrats against Republicans, but liberals against conservatives, the religious against agnostics, minorities against whites and even women against men to gain political advantages and win elections.

As the nation trusted him to be a unifier, he turned out to be a divider, willing to do almost anything to get his way; as the country perceived him as a political centrist, he pursued policies of typical Marxist class-warfare; as he had presented himself as a unifier between races, he pursued the most race-bating policies of this generation, reflecting his Afro-centrist views; as he had posed as a believing Christian, he really just used his church as a political platform, his policies turning against some of the most basic Christian dogmas; while making clearly-defined promises to the nation in pursuit of legislation, he knowingly misled the public.

As he promised to stand with the country’s friends and allies, after six years of Obama’s presidency one has to wonder what country still trusts his government and the presidential candidate who promised the nation the “most transparent government in the county’s history.”

Even based on the judgment of The New York Times described his administration as among the least transparent in recent history.

Now that the world is starting to recognize Obama as he is, what can we expect from him in his last year in office?

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