Is Michelle the Real Change this Administration Needs?

Canary in the Mine: Michelle Obama

In Chapter Five of The Canary’s look at Obama’s origins, family and past, we looked at his relationship with his wife, Michelle. Now that midterm elections have occurred, we want to look at this relationship in light of the American people’s growing frustration with President Obama.

What role does Michelle play in sculpting Obama’s image? Is Obama unpopular because of her influence, or in spite of it?

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Midterms 2014: Why The Republican Party Has Yet to Prove Itself

So, it has happened! Republicans captured the Senate, secured governorships in states that nobody ever imagined could turn red and further expanded the majority in the House. Obama, to quote a New York Times headline “vowed to cooperate within limits,” and the new Senate Majority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, also promised a “spirit of compromise.”

All of this, of course, sounds promising, but when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

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Barack Obama and Saul David Alinsky’s Strategy of Community Organization

Alinsky was considered the ideological and tactical “father” of community organizing, and, indeed, developed much of his ideas on Chicago’s South Side, where Obama Jr. started his career as community organizer and, later, politician. It is unclear how much Obama knew about Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” when he initially moved to Chicago.

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Is Obama Really So Incompetent, or is the Federal Government Growing Too Quickly to Manage?

Listening to the news, it’s hard not to reach the conclusion that the incompetence of the federal government is reaching new heights on an almost daily level. There is ample evidence that this is not just the +Democratic Party‘s problem. But whether it is more of a Democratic than #Republican issues is, of course, of importance.

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